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Staplehurst Parish Council

Staplehurst Christmas Lights - UPDATED

By Staplehurst Parish Council Staplehurst Parish Council

Monday, 10 December 2018


Staplehurst Parish Council Contributor


UPDATE 10/12/18: Most Christmas lights were installed as planned on 7th December.  Lights are not yet installed on three columns towards the southern end of the High Street; the Parish Council's contractor is attending to problems with these lights.  We are aware some Christmas lights have been lit during daylight hours; this timing problem appears related to the missing fittings issue mentioned in the original article below - it has been taken up with Kent Highways.

UPDATE 06/12/18: installation of the Christmas lights is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 7th December. 

Original article 05/12/18

Unfortunately, the Christmas lights will be making their appearance on the High Street later than usual this year due to circumstances beyond the Parish Council's control.  Here are a few lines of explanation:

For the lights to be installed, the Parish Council requires a licence from Kent County Council.  This is because KCC owns the lamp columns to which the lights are attached.  Although the licence was requested in August, it has only been issued today (5th December) after much pressing by the Parish Council with valuable support from County Councillor Hotson.

A reason for the delay is that KCC's contractor, who this autumn replaced several lamp columns in Staplehurst, failed to reinstall the fittings required to connect the Christmas lights.  KCC advises that this work will be undertaken today (5th December), whereupon the Parish Council's contractor will install the Christmas lights as soon as possible.

The Parish Council regrets any disappointment caused by the delayed installation of the Christmas lights.  This article will be updated with further information as it becomes available.

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