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Staplehurst Parish Council

Maidstone Borough Local Plan Review - Call for Sites

By Staplehurst Parish Council Staplehurst Parish Council

Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Staplehurst Parish Council Contributor


As part of its Local Plan Review, between March and May this year, Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) received submissions from landowners and developers offering sites for possible development.  MBC has published on its website the information it received from those landowners and developers.  You can view the information and a borough-wide map illustrating the location of the sites on MBC’s website at https://www.maidstone.gov.uk/home/primary-services/planning-and-building/primary-areas/local-plan-review/call-for-sites.

The submissions include 32 sites in the parish of Staplehurst.  Submission of a site does not mean that it will automatically be accepted for inclusion in the Maidstone Borough Local Plan.

The Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Review Group are conducting an initial review of the information issued by MBC.  Later this month the Parish Council will meet representatives of MBC to discuss the information and to ask questions, especially about what analysis (if any) of the submissions MBC has undertaken or plans to undertake.  The Parish Council will also be working with the Maidstone Area Committee of the Kent Association of Local Councils, which represents the overarching interests of all parishes in the area.

When assessing the information and engaging with MBC, the Parish Council will be highlighting the need for MBC to take into account, under its Duty to Cooperate, the implications of development proposed in the Tunbridge Wells Borough Draft Local Plan.  Such development will have a significant impact on traffic flows along the A229.  The Parish Council will also raise its concerns about the inadequacy of inherited infrastructure and the apparent absence of plans to address the situation.

The Parish Council and its Neighbourhood Plan Review Group have been undertaking an update of the Staplehurst Neighbourhood Plan which forms part of the Local Development Plan.  We shall continue this work to ensure that the plan continues to serve the interests of the residents of Staplehurst.

If you have any questions about the Call for Sites information, please contact a councillor at the regular Saturday morning surgeries or contact the Parish Office where you can also view hard copies of the published information.

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