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Road Accidents in Staplehurst - Please Report Them

By Staplehurst Parish Council Staplehurst Parish Council

Thursday, 6 May 2021


Staplehurst Parish Council Contributor


Have you witnessed a road incident or accident anywhere in Staplehurst? Because official figures only account for fatalities and serious injury accidents, we are often told that our roads are safe. It is especially useful to have details of all accidents (or near misses) when planning applications are made and Kent Highways find they have no objections because there are no reports on their systems.

To make reporting incidents easy for all residents to help, the Parish Council has an email address where simple details such as the date, time, road, location, direction of travel, vehicles involved, any injuries, damage, police or ambulance involvement etc would give us a truer picture. You could also pass this information in to the Parish Office.

All data collected will help our PC Road Safety Group form a clearer picture of areas of Staplehurst where action is needed.

Please make a note of this address [email protected] or follow the link : Road Safety Email and report what you see. Thank you for helping us make Staplehurst Safer.

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