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Delegated Powers


Due to changes in the legislation that no longer allow remote meetings, Planning Committee meetings are temporarily suspended for a short period until lockdown restrictions are lifted in late June.  The Clerk, in consultation with Councillors, will be submitting the response from the Council to any planning application. 

You can still submit your comments via the MBC Planning Portal.  Should you wish to send your comments to the Clerk for consideration prior to submission of the Council’s recommendation, please email your comments to [email protected] or call on 01580 891761 by noon of the Councillors consultation date detailed below.

Planning Applications



Weald Cottage, Maidstone Road TN12 0RE - Erection of a detached garage with office above (Resubmission of 21/501603/FULL). 




Land Adjacent to Bridge House, Couchman Green Lane TN12 0RS - Retrospective application for the retention of a storage unit and summerhouse together with minor extension of the access track in connection with the use of land as a hobby farm at land associated with Bridge House, Couchman Green Lane (Resubmission of 20/502913/FULL). 




Whiteacres Marden Road TN12 0JG - Change of use of land for the siting of 2no. additional static mobile homes for occupancy by Gypsy family, including access, parking, landcaping and associated works.




2 The Quarter Cranbrook Road TN12 0EP - Erection of two storey rear extension, including roof and external alterations 

The following Councillors were consulted Cllrs Riordan, Sharp, Smith, Buller, Bowden from the Planning Committee.

Decision:-  Following consultation with Councillors the Clerk recommends to APPROVE the application.




Silver Locks Cradducks Lane TN12 0DN - Use of the site for nine mobile homes to be used as holiday lets for 11 months of the year. One existing home to be used by caretaker for all year. Operations work including access road and drainage. 

The following Councillors were consulted Cllrs Riordan, Sharp, Smith, Buller, Bowden from the Planning Committee.

Decision:- Following consultation with Councillors, the Clerk recommends that the application be REFUSED, and be referred to the MBC Planning Committee, if the Planning Officer were minded to approve the application, for the following reasons:  it is against  many of the policies in the Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan namely, SP17 paragraphs 1 and 6, as can be seen on the map on page 71, this area of Staplehurst is in the protected Low Weald and is a landscape of Local Value; DM4 paragraphs 1 and 2 which seek to ensure that Heritage Assets are protected from unsuitable development  (the Stockbridge Orchard); DM30 paragraph (iii) which seeks to protect the character of rural lanes; DM38 paragraph1 sections (i) and (ii) which deal with the amenity of the local area; it is also against the Staplehurst Neighbourhood Plan PW2 which seeks to protect the important rural hinterland of our Parish.  Additionally, we would recommend that a foul and surface water report be prepared, as there are concerns that effluent may flow into nearby ditches.  Particular concerns are noted that the proposed accommodation for the caretaker is a mobile home that is currently subject to a planning enforcement order (19/500826/CRVNP2) and an access point has been created without prior permission yet neither form part of this application; there is also no planning statement, business plan, traffic assessment or management plan.  The site appears cramped with little or no recreation space or waste bin provision.  The site also appears to be in flood zone 3.  Concern is also raised on the impact of public footpath KM299.  The narrow rural lane is not suitable for an increase in traffic and would spoil the character and amenity of the area. The impact of construction vehicles on the road’s canopy raised by KCC Highways was also noted and recommendations are made that this is protected if the application were to receive approval.




18 Great Threads TN12 0FN - Prior notification for a proposed single storey rear extension which: A) Extends by 4.50 metres beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling. B) Has a maximum height of 4.00 metres from the natural ground level. C) Has a height of 3.00 metres at the eaves from the natural ground level. 

The following Councillors were consulted Cllrs Riordan, Sharp, Smith, Buller, Bowden from the Planning Committee.

Decision:- Following consultation with Councillors the Clerk would comment as follows.  The impact on neighbours is negligible and as such there are no significant concerns.