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Emergency Help Team

Staplehurst Parish Council Emergency Help Team

In case of a life-threatening emergency call 999

Voluntary assistance to support non-life-threatening emergencies as described below can be co-ordinated locally through Kent Resilience Team, who will mobilise Staplehurst Emergency Help Team if appropriate.

New SEHT Volunteers are always welcome so please register your interest with Staplehurst Parish Council by completing a Volunteer Application Form (see link below).

It often takes a major emergency to bring out the best in people for the common good.  The fire in Staplehurst High Street in July 2010 brought together a number of key people who were able to look after those who had been displaced from their homes, whilst the fire-fighters got on with their job of dealing with the fire.  Who knows what emergency, big or small, might befall residents in Staplehurst in future?  A willing volunteer to give practical help or support is very much valued by those in distress.

In winter snow and ice, elderly and housebound people have difficulty getting prescriptions or shopping.  Neighbours want to help one-another but due to confidentiality protocols they may be prevented from collecting prescriptions for others.  To conserve supplies, shops often restrict the amount of essential items such as bread and milk that could be bought by one person.  In these two key areas, people with the best of intentions are unable to help their neighbours.  To ensure this situation does not arise in future, the Staplehurst Emergency Help Team (SEHT) has been set up with the backing of Staplehurst Parish Council to help co-ordinate volunteer help, to ensure that voluntary assistance reaches those in need in our parish.

The SEHT has gathered information about the local non-life-threatening risks that local residents might face.  The SEHT invites local volunteers to offer help "officially" in advance of such situations.  The main areas of emergency risk are extremes of weather, major accidents, fire, pollution or loss of utilities.  Volunteers are needed to join the database which will be used to mobilise assistance during an emergency.  If you have local knowledge, equipment, professional expertise, ability to fetch and carry or organise others - the SEHT needs to hear from you now!  Everyone has abilities – a listening ear to someone in distress or providing a hot meal can be just as welcome as a driver of a 4 x 4 when people are in need. 

The SEHT is able to co-ordinate details of any help you would be willing to give and aims to assist residents in need of help during an emergency such as those described above.  The information given will be maintained and used in accordance with the Data Protection Act.  Volunteers will only be contacted in the event of being notified of an emergency or annually to check that your details remain correct.  The SEHT volunteer steering group meets regularly to plan and train for future emergencies so it is able to mobilise SEHT volunteers quickly in the event of a parish emergency.  If you would like to offer your help and/or join the SEHT, you will be very welcome.  Please complete the Volunteer Application Form below and forward it to the Parish Clerk by post or email.

Meetings are open to anyone interested in volunteering or finding out about the SEHT.  

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes - 15 January 2020 SEHT-Minutes-15-January-2020.pdf 166.1 KB Meeting Notes - 11 September 2019 SEHT-Minutes-20190911.pdf 159.5 KB Meeting Notes 06 June 2019 SEHT-Minutes-29190606.pdf 116.9 KB Meeting Notes AGM - 07 March 2019 SEHT-Meeting-20190307.pdf 392.3 KB Meeting Notes - 11 October 2018 SEHT-Minutes-11-October-2018-(Corrected).pdf 237.1 KB Meeting Notes - 5 July 2018 SEHT-Minutes-5-July-2018.pdf 234.4 KB Meeting Notes - 23 March 2017 (Annual Meeting) 2017.03.23AGM.pdf 247.6 KB Meeting Notes - 07 December 2016 2016.12.07.pdf 232.6 KB Meeting Notes - 14 September 2016 2016.09.14.pdf 934.1 KB Meeting Notes - 08 June 2016 2016.06.08.pdf 144.6 KB Meeting Notes - 23 March 2016 (Annual Meeting) 2016.03.23AGM.pdf 79.6 KB Meeting Notes - 20 January 2016 2016.01.20.pdf 239.8 KB Meeting Notes - 20 October 2016 2015.10.20.pdf 430.3 KB Meeting Notes - 17 September 2015 2015.09.17.pdf 445.5 KB Meeting Notes - 22 June 2015 2015.06.22.pdf 400.6 KB Meeting Notes - 23 March 2015 (Annual Meeting) 2015.03.23AGM.pdf 23.6 KB Meeting Notes - 27 January 2015 2015.01.27.pdf 46.9 KB Meeting Notes - 10 November 2014 2014.11.10.pdf 149.4 KB Meeting Notes - 19 June 2014 2014.06.19.pdf 136.3 KB Meeting Notes - 24 April 2014 2014.04.24.pdf 133 KB Meeting Notes - 24 March 2014 (Annual Meeting) 2014.03.24AGM.pdf 67.5 KB Meeting Notes - 19 December 2013 2013.12.19.pdf 140.4 KB Meeting Notes - 29 August 2013 2013.08.29.pdf 104 KB Meeting Notes - 13 June 2013 2013.06.13.pdf 92.4 KB Meeting Notes - 21 March 2013 2013.03.21.pdf 138.2 KB Meeting Notes - 17 January 2013 2013.01.17.pdf 139.6 KB Meeting Notes - 05 July 2012 2012.07.05.pdf 141.6 KB Meeting Notes - 19 January 2012 2012.01.19.pdf 153.2 KB Meeting Notes - 03 November 2011 2011.11.03.pdf 144.8 KB Meeting Notes - 29 September 2011 2011.09.29.pdf 24.8 KB Meeting Notes - 01 September 2011 2011.09.01.pdf 142.6 KB Meeting Notes - 14 July 2011 2011.07.14.pdf 146.4 KB Meeting Notes - 14 April 2011 2011.04.14.pdf 166.4 KB Meeting Notes - 17 March 2011 2011.03.17.pdf 140.3 KB Meeting Notes - 04 November 2010 2010.11.04.pdf 50.5 KB Meeting Notes - 10 August 2010 (Public Meeting regarding High Street Fire) 2010.08.10---Public-Meeting-(High-Street-Fire).pdf 45 KB Meeting Notes - 13 January 2010 2010.01.13.pdf 148.5 KB