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Other Groups

Staplehurst Parish Council appoints representatives to local community groups and organisations

Group Representatives

Community Events Group

Councillor Castro

Churchyard Liaison

Councillors Perry, Spearink

Headcorn Aerodrome Consultative Committee

Councillor Perry, (Councillor Riordan as deputy)

Jubilee Field Management Committee 

 Perry, Riordan

KALC Area Committee

Councillors Riordan and Forward as voting representatives

[Councillor Perry sits as MBC Parishes Representative].

McCabe Day Centre

Councillor Buller

Neighbourhood Watch

Councillors Buller, Thomas

River Beult Catchment Improvement Group

Councillors George, Perry, Spearink

Sobell Cheshire Home

Councillor Rawlinson (Councillor Perry as deputy)

Speed Watch

Councillors Buller, Forward

Staplehurst Emergency Help Team

Councillors Bowden, Castro, Riordan, Sharp

Staplehurst Fireworks Group

Councillors Rawlinson, Riordan

Staplehurst Library Users’ Group

Councillors Buller, Castro, George, Sharp

Staplehurst Patients’ Participation Group

Councillor Riordan, Sharp

Staplehurst Remembrance Day Group

Councillors Sharp, Spearink

Staplehurst Community Village Centre 

Councillor Riordan to be the Parish Council’s nominated trustee

[Councillor Sharp is a trustee in an individual capacity]

Transport Accessibility Group

Resident representative Robin Oakley

Village Sports & Social Club

Councillor Riordan

Youth Club

Councillor Rawlinson

[Councillor Perry remains a trustee]