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Website Technical Issues

August 5th 2020 – Unfortunately, we are experiencing technical issues with our website that are beyond our control we hope that these will be resolved soon.

Some documents and content cannot be viewed at the present time.

Thank you for your patience.


Community Hub Food Support  - Staplehurst Emergency Help Team

The Parish Council would like to inform residents that the community hub will continue to be open until Wednesday 26th August, however after Friday 31st August the opening days will be reduced. 

The hub will be open on  Wednesdays between 11am and 1 pm. The Services remain the same.

If the national or regional situation with the virus changes in the future, we will resume the service, but let's hope that it is not necessary.


The Parish Office is closed until further notice and staff are working from home.

Parish Council Planning Committee and Full Council meetings will take place virtually: please see next meetings section below.

The Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for Monday 30th March has been postponed.

Planning applications are still being submitted to Maidstone Borough Council (MBC). 

You can view details of planning applications via the planning tracker and on MBC’s website https://pa.midkent.gov.uk/online-applications/. If you comment to MBC about a planning application, please copy your comments to the Parish Council by using the contact details below.

All staff and Councillors are available via email; the links for email addresses can be found on the pages below.





Thank you for your patience during these trying times.  Please stay safe and follow the government’s guidance: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus  

Inclusion of any website link does not imply endorsement or approval by Staplehurst Parish Council of the linked website, its operator or its content, nor is Staplehurst Parish Council responsible for the content of any website or web page outside of the Staplehurst Parish Council website.


Parish Council Planning Committee and Full Council meetings will be held virtually   

Monday 10th August 7.00pm 2020 FULL COUNCIL

Tuesday 11th August 7.00pm 2020 PLANNING COMMITTEE

To request access to watch and listen to the proceedings via Zoom, please e-mail [email protected] by 4.00pm on the day of the meeting.

Published agendas will be available three clear days prior to the meeting.

Link to: Planning and Full Council agendas

Staplehurst Parish Council is the first tier of local government and was first elected in 1894, with 15 places for Councillors. Since 1894, we have had 18 Chairmen and 9 Parish Clerks. We currently have 15 Councillors whose term of office runs until May 2023. 

The Parish Council represents the local community, delivers services to meet local needs and aspires to improve quality of life and community well-being. However, parish councils are limited in what they are able to do, which is set out within legislation. 

Staplehurst Parish Council meets every three weeks, usually in the South Hall of the Village Centre.  The next meeting date is shown at the top of this article.  Please see the Parish Council Meetings page of this website for subsequent dates.  A meeting evening starts with the Council's Planning Committee at 7.00pm, followed by the Full Council meeting.  Meetings are open to the public and press, except on very rare occasions when an item may be designated as confidential.